High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC)

High performance liquid chromatography with Waters 2998 UV Spectrophotometer with Photodiode array detector.
- Qualitative and Quantitative analysis.
- Separation and detection of different components of complex.

Work on Isocratic and Gradient Mode, Operating work pressure 6200 PSI, Available Column: RP-18 (250mm x 4.6 mm, 5μm), C-18 (250mm x 4.6 mm, 5μm),Nucleosile C-8 (150mmx4.6mm, 5μm), Protonsil C-18 ODS AQ(250mm x 4.6 mm, 5μm), Wakosil II 5 C-18 RS (150x4.6mm),.wakosil 5 C-8 RS (150x4.6 mm,5μm),GL Exsil SCX (250x4 mm, 5μm), GL Exsil ODS (250x4 mm, 3 μm),SS Exsil CYANO (250x4.6 mm, μm),GL Exsil SAX (250x 4 mm,5μm ), SS Wakosil C-18 AR (150x4.6 mm, 5μm), GL Nucleosil ODS (250x 1.0 mm,5 μm)

Pump Specification (Waters 1525 Binary HPLC Pump) : - (Flow rate 0.01 ml/min to 10 ml/min.)

Auto-sampler (Water 2707 Auto-sampler): - with heating/cooling module

Column Oven: - Operating range 5°C to 110°C with temperature control module (Waters)

Detector (Waters 2998 photodiode array detector):- The detector is an ultraviolet/visible light spectrophotometer with photodiode array of 512 photodiodes and an optical resolution of 1.2 nm the detector operates within range of 190nm to 800nm.